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Conveyancing - What you need to know

Property DealMany firms boast how they “specialise” in conveyancing transactions, as though acting exclusively in this area benefits you as their prospective clients. But, here’s what you need to know…

A conveyancing transaction often involves dealing with a substantial sum of money. It is not adequate to have a general knowledge of the relevant conveyancing forms and processes, without also being familiar with the laws that underpin your contractual obligations. In many cases, unexpected complications arise and special skills and knowledge are required. Due to the nature of standard property transactions, the person handling your conveyance may require knowledge of many areas of the laws such as contract law, land law, taxation law (including the GST legislation and capital gains tax), town planning law, trust law, environmental law, duties law, building law, body corporate and community title law, succession law and foreign ownership law. An apparently simple transaction has potential to become highly risky if all issues are not appreciated and properly considered.

Adding to the risk of choosing a firm with a narrow focus and limited scope of expertise, these and many other firms typically give your contract to an unqualified paralegal to handle your conveyance.

The Adams & Ross Lawyers and Business Advisers difference is simple:

We have extensive experience handling property transactions, but also practice as a general commercial law firm with the necessary skills to fully comprehend the breadth and depth of your important transaction, especially if something unexpected occurs.

property-soldIt’s astounding to see law firms allocate minor matters, such as a fencing dispute, to a lawyer, while allocating high value transactions, such as an $800,000 property conveyance, to an unqualified paralegal. It is little wonder conveyancing tops the list of negligence claims against law firms. At Adams & Ross, only experienced lawyers handle your conveyance from start to finish. Given the money involved, the potential for unexpected complications and the cost and inconvenience of botched work, at Adams & Ross, only experienced lawyers manage conveyancing transactions.

Our lawyers are easy to reach, use simple language, provide you with practical advice and listen carefully to any special concerns you may have.

We provide this premium service for a highly competitive price. Our charges are often no more than firms that allocate the work to unqualified paralegals. We even offer fixed fees so you have peace of mind upfront, about what the job will cost.

We welcome the opportunity to assist clients in this complex area of the law. Please phone Tony Pereira on (07) 3333 2920 for further information.